Job to eliminate losses: why seven municipalities and a portion of Palermo will remain without water

For six days, seven municipalities in the province of Palermo, along the western coast, and some areas in the northwest part of the city, will be without water. This suspension is necessary for urgent work on the Poma dam’s pipeline in Partinico. The original request was for a 15-day suspension, but a compromise was reached to begin the work in two days. However, there is concern that the work may take longer than expected. The estimated six-day work period is based on the need to fix four holes in the pipeline that have caused expensive damage to surrounding lands. The water management company, Amap, will reduce pressure and eventually halt supply to the affected municipalities. This will impact other areas as well. Amap has assured that there is a five-day autonomous supply capacity for the city, and they are preparing alternative water distribution through tankers. The airport will also be affected, though it has reserves to last for twenty days. Amap has been advised to increase reserves and draw from other sources during the suspension. The hope is for favorable weather and a timely resolution to this issue.

Lavori per eliminare le perdite: ecco perché sette comuni e una fetta di Palermo resteranno senz’acqua

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