Jewelry store attempted robbery: Car found in Palermo’s Vucciria area

The car used by the gang of five men who attempted to rob the Cipolla jewelry store on August 26th has been found. It was a gray Suzuki Swift, discovered by the carabinieri thanks to the alarm raised by residents of Vicolo della Rosa Bianca in the Vucciria neighborhood. The residents noticed that the car had been abandoned under their homes and contacted the local council for its removal. To their surprise, it turned out to be the same car seen in videos published online. The car had been left just a few steps away from the targeted store. Local business owners express satisfaction with the discovery and hope for a swift resolution to the situation. They believe that this highlights the importance of community councils as a bridge between citizens and local authorities.

Palermo, trovata alla Vucciria l’auto del tentato colpo alla gioielleria Cipolla

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