Jazz and dance meet at Santa Cecilia in Palermo: Urso and Bonafede’s music and Bonanno’s sensual choreography.

The jazz music was first associated with sexuality, then with dance, and finally with respectability, according to Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The project “8 Variations on Mailand” created by Giuseppe Urso and Salvatore Bonafede, with the sensuous dancer Rosa Bonanno, combines various art forms. The project will be presented at the Real Teatro Santa Cecilia, and will include a piano and drums duo with a solo drum performance, as well as contemporary dance. The album features original music by both artists, and was created with simplicity and spontaneity. The project is described as a journey and a theatrical performance. Bonafede explains that the drum reminds him of African traditions where music, dance, and rhythm are all interconnected. The project is also inspired by the origins of jazz as dance music in the 1920s.

Musica e sensualità: al Santa Cecilia di Palermo il jazz di Urso e Bonafede e la danza di Rosa Bonanno

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