Jail Career Day in Siracusa: Building a Future for Those Serving Sentences

The Urban Center of Syracuse hosted the Jail Career Day, a regional event organized in partnership between the cooperatives Rigenerazioni and L’Arcolaio as part of the “Svolta all’Albergheria!” project, supported by Fondazione Con Il Sud. The event aimed to create networking opportunities to support the employment of incarcerated individuals and raise awareness in the community and businesses about the importance of valuing meaningful processes for building a true community justice. Fifteen individuals in incarceration participated in profiling activities by the cooperatives and attended training sessions by Next – Nuove Energie X il Territorio Ets before engaging in interviews with twenty local businesses. The participating businesses from various sectors agreed on the importance of facilitating employment integration, recognizing the fiscal and social advantages of hiring incarcerated individuals. The event was coordinated by representatives from the cooperatives Rigenerazioni Onlus and L’Arcolaio. The project aims to emphasize the recognition of soft skills developed within companies without specialized expertise and highlights the importance of a cultural revolution to build a healthy and strong community justice. The collaboration between the cooperatives strengthens their actions and emphasizes the need for cooperation between institutions and social cooperatives to prepare the community to be welcoming and overcome prejudices towards incarcerated individuals. The event included speeches from local authorities and representatives from Fondazione Con Il Sud, highlighting the significance of promoting best practices of employment inclusion of incarcerated individuals and forging connections between the public and private sectors. The testimonies of businesses that have successfully hired incarcerated individuals showcased the positive outcomes of such initiatives. The event concluded with testimonials from individuals who have participated in the training programs and Jail Career Day, emphasizing the importance of these opportunities for reintegrating into the workforce and dispelling prejudices.

A Siracusa il Jail Career Day: le aziende incontrano chi sconta una pena, c’è un futuro da costruire

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