Ivorian disappeared in the Ragusa area, sit in to ask for the truth

(ANSA) – VITTORIA, 02 JAN – Free Sicily in the square this afternoon in Vittoria to remember Daouda Diane, the 37-year-old Ivorian who disappeared from Acate on 2 July last year. Six months after his disappearance, without a trace (the prosecutor’s office is investigating for murder and concealment of a body) Libera returns to the square for a demonstration that now takes place on a monthly basis. Like every month, the roll call will be entrusted to a group.

This evening, the scouts of the Agesci group of Modica will read the letter in the square – appeal: «Dear Daouda – the scouts write – sorry for not supporting your courage, for not helping you to live a dignified life, sorry for the little value that our country gives to your culture, sorry for the atrocious silences that don’t help to shed light on the hidden truths, on your truth… because the time has come to speak, because those who know must humbly oppose, because one must not have fear of justice, the time has come to speak up. You are representing the emblem of courage, of hope. Dear Daouda, sorry for leaving you alone, for not supporting you in time».

The demonstration will have a double meaning: it will also remember the massacre of 2 January 1999 at the bar of the Esso service station. In that massacre, a settling of scores between exponents of the local mafia clans, five young men were killed and, among these, also Salvatore Ottone and Rosario Salerno, who happened to be inside the bar at that moment (ANSA).