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Italtel, the new course has begun. Fiom Cgil Palermo: “We expect the production relaunch of the Carini site and new hires”

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In the past decade, 60 spills and only three hired

The new Italtel starts and Fiom Cgil Palermo is now waiting for the relaunch of the Carini site, the historic “Marisa Bellisario” industrial area where 175 of the 1000 and more Italtel workers of the three Italian offices work (about 600 are in Milan and 250 in Rome) .
A site, that of Palermo, has been heavily penalized in recent years with many spills and no recruitment.

On Monday the Italtel board of directors appointed the new CEO, Benedetto Di Salvo, manager of telecommunications and Information Technology, starting the new course of the Information & Communication Technology multinational, which designs and implements services for the digital information, with a shareholding structure made up of 54 percent by the PSC group, 28 percent by the Clessidra Capital Credit Fund and 18 percent by the Tim Group.

Fiom CGIL hopes that, with the reorganization underway, it will be the right time, after years of inattention to the Palermo site, to proceed with staff additions and new impetus for the site’s activities.

“The historic and guilty lack of attention towards the Carini headquarters – the general secretary Francesco Foti and the secretary Rosario Tomaselli, together with Filippo Lupo, Rsu Fiom of Italtet declare for the Fiom Cgil Palermo – is testified by the fact that for much more In 10 years now, only three people have been hired, two in 2020 and one in 2021, compared to more than 60 exits.
A block on turnover that today means that about 60 per cent of workers are in the age group between 50 and 60, while only a paltry 2 per cent are under the age of 40.
At the same time, about 65 percent of Carini’s workers have a seniority of over 30 years and less than 5 percent have a seniority of less than 20 ”.

An alarming situation, for a site that boasts a considerable wealth of experience and expertise and within which there are designers specialized in the development of multimedia networks, innovative applications, with roles ranging from offering to marketing, from technical assistance to engineering.
, up to project management for 5G and Fixed Wireless Access for BUL.
In Carini, in particular, there is a strong core of software designers.

“In addition to the lack of turnover and the progressive ‘aging’ of the staff, what blocks the development of the Carini headquarters is also the excessive hierarchical and functional dependence on the parent company – add Foti, Tomaselli and Lupo – With the professionalism present, the site it would be able to work with greater autonomy, with specific mandates that could also have a virtuous effect for the consolidation and development of the district “.

“Not to mention the possibility of retraining that part of staff that the company considers instead, wrongly, not reconvertible, and that it keeps confined to a parking department, where workers are humiliated by not receiving any assignment”.

The “Marisa Bellisario” area was born in the 80s of the last century.
A settlement populated by about 2 thousand workers, mostly workers involved in the production of telecommunications equipment and with a first embryo of the Software Laboratory.
With the evolution of the company and the sale of its branches, hardware production and the development of energy systems disappeared.

Today, in addition to Italtel, entities such as Seli-Kab (which took over the hardware production), Alpitel (which moved its warehouse in Palermo), the Open Hub Med consortium there, operate in the area.
-up, Engie is based on it.
But large spaces are still available, there is a company canteen, closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, which could also be open to the public.

“A virtuous circle could be created by hosting both research institutions and other companies, creating a Technological Pole, which could also benefit from the proximity to the airport, the Palermo-Mazara motorway, the Palermo-Punta Raisi railway – he continues Fiom Cgil – We will reiterate all this in a meeting that we will ask Italtel on a territorial basis, hoping that the interest of our local administrators will finally awaken, starting with the Sicilian Region, almost always absent at the national crisis table, unlike the Regions of Lazio and Lombardy, and of the Metropolitan City of Palermo ”.

Fiom also highlights the problems underway in the company, where pending the new industrial plan, the one currently adopted by the new owners in fact provides for redundancies, the use of social safety nets, incentivized departures.
The union wants to discuss this with the company in a meeting at the Mise, which has already been asked for some time.

“We expect the new industrial plan to aim at a relaunch of Italtel and not, as unfortunately has always happened in the past, only at a cost reduction, with cuts that have always affected mainly, if not exclusively, workers, Francesco retort Foti, Filippo Lupo and Rosario Tomaselli – It is no longer the time to cut indiscriminately, to lose skills by making high-level figures leave, to mortify workers with an extraordinary layoff that is also in stark contrast to the workloads to be faced.
Rather, it is time to valorise the present human capital and make it grow, with the acquisition of fresh and vital forces.
Workers have already given abundantly, even continuing to work without ever stopping during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Now is the time to start again, in every respect “.