Italians’ confidence in the future is growing but still many pessimists

ROME (ITALPRESS) – After the most acute phases of the Covid19 pandemic which, in addition to the health aspect, also hit the Italian economy hard, our country is preparing to face a path of reopening to start the national economic recovery. The most important step for the rebirth of Italy after the pandemic is represented by the Recovery Plan developed by the Government, which reassures and collects the trust – according to a survey by Euromedia Research – of almost half of Italians (48.4%) . A trust that is registered, from a political point of view, especially among the voters of the Democratic Party area (76.4%), Italia Viva (94.0%) and Forza Italia (83.7 %). On the other hand, the voters of Fratelli d’Italia (37.6%) are of the opposite opinion.
As for the future, on the other hand, there is an increase in confidence among the interviewees. After an average annual downward trend, a trend in place since 2018, the new year shows an increase in optimists (33%) and a decline – albeit still clearly in the majority – of those who consider themselves pessimists and worried about their economic situation , financial and future employment (52.5%).
Euromedia Research data – Carried out on 21/04/2021 with mixed CATI / CAWI methodology on a sample of 1,000 representative cases of the Italian adult population.