Italian Promotion Cup, few emotions and zero goals between Sinagra and Gioiosa

The Coppa Italia Sinagra-Gioiosa Marea match ended goalless. The game was conditioned by the playing field of “Baron Salleo”, soaked with water due to the abundant rains and with numerous puddles.

Teams fail to build effective maneuvers in the first part of the confrontation. At 15 ‘Collura scores on a pass from Galati, but the referee cancels the goal for an offside position. The hosts respond with the conclusion of Tranchita, who flies over the crossbar. In the second half, many changes on both fronts to find fresh forces. Ricciardello touches the crossroads from the edge, while on the other side Protopapa’s cross-shot puts shivers in Caserta. Better, in the final, Sinagra, dangerous with the high header of Pizzo, but the result does not fall from 0-0, leaving the passage of the round linked to the outcome of the return match. Sinagra-Gioiosa 0-0
Sinagra: Bonfiglio, Saccà, Pizzo, Gullà, Protopapa, T. Fogliani (20 ‘st N. Fogliani), Giupa, (41 ‘st Ratto), Monastra, Giglia, Tranchita, Russo Battagliolo (13’ st Natalotto). All. Sardo Infirri.
Joyful: Caserta, Cicero (40 ‘st Spinella), Collura, Celi (22’ st Crisafulli), Oddo (24 ‘st Scarbaci), Siracusano, Gaglione (24’ st Sidoti), Galati, Zuccarelli , Toto, Ricciardello. All. Catalfamo.
Referee: Zangara di Palermo.