Italian Association for Semiotic Studies, 50th conference in Palermo

(ANSA) – PALERMO, NOVEMBER 28 – The 50th conference of the Italian Association for Semiotic Studies “Elemental semiotics. Materials and materials, meaning and significance” will be held in Palermo from 1 to 3 December 2022. Organized in collaboration with the Department of Cultures and Society of the University of Palermo, the Sicilian Semiological Circle and the Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum, will be an opportunity to reflect on the role that materials and materials play in the investigation of processes and systems of meaning.

“Matter, in fact, is not an objective entity given once and for all, but an identity in the making, the result of valorisations and discourses that vary over time and space. Think of plastic – once synonymous with modernity and today at the center of debates and unresolved contradictions, widespread and at the same time critical material”, say the organizers.

There will be 15 keynote speakers and 80 speakers who will question the “elemental dimension of materials as reserves of meaning rich in potential, which cross the various fields of knowledge such as the arts and media, fashion, gastronomy, interior design , of the heterogeneous world of consumption, advertising and marketing. Effects of matter, consistencies and textures, which are also found in the digital and virtual world as well as in every area of ​​daily life”, continue the scholars.

The works will start on Thursday morning at 9.30 in the University rectorate, Sala Magna. Massimo Midiri, Rector of the University of Palermo will intervene.

Michele Cometa, Director of the Culture and Society Department, Rosario Perricone, Director of the International Puppet Museum Antonio Pasqualino Dario Mangano. President of the Aiss, Gianfranco Marrone, full professor of Semiotics at the University of Palermo, essayist and writer, and Claudio Paolucci professor at the University of Bologna. The works will then continue at 2 pm at the puppet museum. .