Italgas will remove the rubble and tear down the ruins

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“Italgas has decided to take on all the costs for securing and removing the rubble from the buildings involved in the gas explosion”.

This was announced by the mayor of Ravanusa, Carmelo D’Angelo, who adds: “This morning the formal authorization of the Municipality has arrived which authorizes Italgas Reti SpA to proceed, at its own care and expense, to the safety of the area between the della Pace, via Galileo Galilei, Ciceruacchio and via delle Scuole, object of the explosion on 11 December last in via Trilussa “.

The interventions will concern the safety of unsafe buildings, the demolition of unsafe buildings as well as the removal of all the debris produced and that will be produced during the operations.

“All this – adds D’Angelo – follows meetings and inspections that took place between the Municipality, the Italgas company, and the technicians of Incico, an engineering company commissioned by Italgas, to draw up a project to remove the rubble and make the ‘area affected by the outbreak, presented to the municipality on 3 June “.

The clearing operations foresee two distinct phases: a first for the construction of the construction site area after making the unsafe buildings safe and a second phase for the complete removal of the rubble, starting from the preliminary operations already carried out in the first phase.

Two days ago, the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior which allocated the sum of 235 thousand euros for the purchase of the destroyed cars and for the start of therapeutic psychological support courses aimed at the survivors of the massacre.

News from Sicily 2022-06-24 19:53:00

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