it is the golden heart of Fedele

Every day he writes a post on his Facebook page to remind the Nisseni that in the evening, when his bakery closes, he will leave what is left on his bench

It happens that a mother has a sick little girl and asks her trusted baker to bring her some bread left over in the oven because he can’t give her anything else to eat.

It also happens that the baker is a man with a big and generous heart and makes that gesture a mission to be accomplished not just once, but every day. So it happens that the baker puts a bench out of his oven and leaves food for those most in need every night. Thus was born, in Caltanissetta, the solidarity bench.

Fedele Termine is a 47-year-old baker, he is originally from Ribera and in 2018 he opened his bakery in Caltanissetta, in via Fra ‘Giarratana.

In Caltanissetta everyone knows Fedele and his generosity. In fact, every night, for a few years now, he has left the leftover food in the oven on the bench outside the bakery so that anyone in need will have something to eat.

Milk, bread, pasta, water, sweets, pieces of rotisserie on the bench, every evening, you can find everything, even fresh fish from the fish shop next to the Forno di Fedele.

Every day he writes a post on his Facebook page to remind the Nisseni that in the evening, at closing, he will leave what is left on his bench and that only those who really need can take something to consume. Nobody should be left behind.

And Fedele knows this and the many young people who daily dedicate themselves to social activities and who frequent the bakery in via Fra ‘Giarratana also know it. Not only the bench, Fedele also forms a group The boys of the night to raise awareness among young people against the use of drugs and alcohol. Every evening The boys of the night leave Fedele’s bakery to deliver food to the less well-off. These are small gestures that warm the heart of an entire community.

last August, the Gambino council decided to donate a new bench to Fedele to replace the one that has worn out over time.

The new bench has the colors of the rainbow and was created by Fedele together with Vincenzo Cancelleri, activist of the Five Star Movement, and Parisio – as all Nissenians know him – who during the pandemic, thanks to the solidarity of many, helped many families in difficulty.

And it was during the lockdown that Fedele promoted a great awareness campaign, involving many Nissenians also in the collection, always at his bakery, of basic necessities to donate to those who suffered most from the economic crisis of the moment. Food for all the needy and a sheet with the words “good dinner”, every evening in via Fra ‘Giarratana you can breathe love, peace and solidarity thanks to Fedele’s golden heart.

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