It is an even more beautiful scenario than our Arena

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“We have the Arena di Verona, but you have the Valley of the Temples which is something else entirely”.
This is a phrase that many tourists, who will arrive in Agrigento in September, have spoken over the phone by purchasing tickets for the first two stages of Eros Ramazzotti’s “World tour première” scheduled in Piano San Gregorio on 17 and 18 September.

The Roman singer-songwriter will start the new world tour on September 15th from “La plaza de toros” in Seville, but the 2 evenings in the Valley of the Temples will be the first in Italy.
Two days later, in fact, Eros will go to the Verona Arena – from 20 to 24 September – and then move to Athens.
Fans of Northern Italy could easily enjoy it in the nearest Arena in Verona, yet many prefer to cross the boot and reach Agrigento because – they told the ticket sales staff – the Valley of the Temples is a scenario that cannot compete with anyone ” .
The result of all this is that the first evening is already “sold out” while for the second there are still few free seats, and it is the hunt for the last ticket.

The Valle dei Templi theater is ready to turn on the spotlight, we start on July 28: here is the program

It is not only Ramazzotti who is the master of the summer events program of the festival “The myth in the Valley of the Temples”: the concerts of Elisa on September 1, Irama on September 3 and Tommaso Paradiso on August 27 are also beating all records in terms of sales establishing an unprecedented success for this “return” of musical performances in Piano San Gregorio after 11 years of absence and, above all, after 2 terrible years of pandemic.

“There is no show on the bill – said Federico Bellavia of the Valle dei Templi Theater Foundation – which is having difficulty filling the audience.
Even the Coez concert, scheduled for 9 September, which had struggled at the beginning because it was the last to be made official in order of time, is now literally taking off.
While Capo Plaza, the idol of the very young, is rapidly increasing the number of tickets sold despite the type of very young public which, by its nature, is not used to buying tickets well in advance ”.

Federico Bellavia reiterated that it is always preferable, for ease and immediacy, to contact the electronic circuit to secure tickets.
But at the same time he recalled that the physical sales points are active for all those who have difficulty in proceeding with the online purchase: “The ticket office of the Valle dei Templi theater – he recalled – is located right at the entrance of Piano San Gregorio and it is open every day from 9.30 to 13 and from 16.30 to 20.
It is also possible to go to the points of via Platone in Agrigento and to the Sport Village.
For information just call 0922 437474 “.

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2022-08-06 07:23:00

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