"It held twice the authorized gunpowder," reported the armory holder


He held more than twice the authorized gunpowder in his shop. For this reason the owner of a licatese armory was denounced by the men of the police station of the city of the eagle.

The facts date back to the day yesterday, when the agents, together with the personnel of the Guardia di Finanza, went to the commercial activity in the context of control activities aimed at the prevention and repression of crimes concerning the possession of fireworks and explosive material.

The checks allowed to ascertain that the owner of the structure, although authorized to hold a maximum of 20 kilos of gunpowder, kept 47 kilos. The goods have been seized. The police have also disputed an "irregular holding of the prescribed loading and unloading register and the custody of some firearms without due diligence". For these reasons the owner of the armory under control will be referred to the judicial authority for a series of crimes.

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