It happens in Catania and its province: 8 May AFTERNOON

CATANIA – Here are the most important operations carried out by the State Police to Catania and province:

  • the State Police has arrested a 37 year old for abuse in the family. In the early afternoon of yesterday, the staff of the Volanti, following a report regarding aaggression perpetrated against a woman, set up by her husband in a house, went near the San Giorgio district. Once on the spot, the operators made contact with the victim, who reported that, shortly before, following yet another dispute that arose for futile reasons, her husband had slapped and, in the grip of anger, he had also broken some furnishings, all at the presence of their three minor children. Therefore, the man was arrested and, at the disposal of the public prosecutor on duty, led to the House arrest in the mother’s home;
  • last evening, the staff of the Volanti, engaged in the ordinary service of control of the territory, has reported in a state of freedom 2 people for the crime of attempted aggravated theft is unjustified possession of altered keys or lockpicks. Specifically, around 10.30 pm a radio note concerning the presence of two people in via Ardizzone Gioieni, intent on perpetrating a theft. At the sight of the steering wheel, the two men, who had just before cut with a flex the catalyst of a car parked, they attempted to escape, but were promptly blocked by the operators and led to the office for the ritual acts;
  • yesterday morning, the same staff of the steering wheels, during the control service of the territory, has reported in a state of freedom a 48 years old, who was carrying on the illegal business of unauthorized parking in violation of the DACUR in via Santa Maria la Grande.

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