It exploited its hauliers by evading taxes: it hid revenues of 1 million


Tax evasion and undeclared work: this is what the Finance Guard of Carini found, after a tax audit against an individual company, active in the road haulage sector and operating exclusively on the whole Sicilian territory for a well-known chain of sales of household appliances and electronic products.

The company of VC, at each delivery of the goods to the various customers, would have had to issue a tax receipt but this, in almost all cases, did not happen, allowing the entrepreneur to hide revenues that have been calculated, over the past four years, amounting to more than 1 million euro with the consequent non-payment of the related taxes for approximately 700 thousand euro between Irpef, VAT and Irap.

The military also proceeded to acquire information from all the workers of the company, discovering that they had been employed 4 black workers without any formalization of the employment relationship e 45, however, irregularly, because hired with a horizontal part-time contract but, in fact, employed in full time mode. In particular, the latter carried out 70 working hours per week, 50 hours more than the 20 hours per week provided for in their contracts.

By examining the extra-accounting documentation and analyzing the databases used by the Body, a consolidated company practice emerged, consisting of a real fictitious interposition of two other economic entities, operating in the same product sector, who proceeded to formal recruitment of several workers who, however, continued to operate under the direction and control of the owner of the audited company.

The Guardia di Finanza notes that "the posting" had been unduly resorted to, without the necessary authenticity requirements in this case, as this practice was implemented without the written formalization of the contract, which constitutes essential requirement, and in the absence of concrete business needs, this is for the sole purpose of indefinitely postponing the seniority shots of employees, with obvious undue economic savings for the company ".

This has affected 27 employees who have been illegally posted to other companies. Administrative sanctions in the workplace amount to approximately 60 thousand euros.

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