It carried special waste: two suspects for environmental crimes


Yesterday the police carried out checks aimed at combating the illegality spread in the neighborhood of small books and neighboring areas. Particularly important is the control of a truck in the state road 114 with about 1000 kilograms of special waste such as cement and other materials, all stored inside the truck compartment and concealed with a cloth; it was established that the driver lacked the required authorizations for the collection and transport of said waste and, among other things, he was without the required forms and the vehicle without insurance for civil liability. From investigative info activity, it was ascertained that the waste derived from illegal construction work carried out at a nearby house, work, however, carried out by masons without a regular work contract and without compliance with safety regulations. Therefore, since it is an environmental crime, the vehicle was criminally seized for the purposes of subsequent confiscation and the two subjects, the property owner and the special waste transporter, were investigated in a state of freedom pursuant to articles 193 and 256 of the text unique environmental number 152 of 2006. The driver of the truck was also sanctioned for the violations found in the field of traffic regulations including the lack of insurance.

A further police check allowed a person to be investigated pursuant to articles 633 and 639 bis of the penal code, since he illegally occupied a property belonging to the autonomous public housing Institute of Catania with the entire family unit. Still, during an activity aimed at countering the thefts of cars that, notoriously, after being stolen are temporarily parked on public roads, a new Jeep Renegade was found which, once found, was returned to the rightful owner who expressed the his thanks to the police.

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