Isola delle Femmine, Pink Floyd evening at the Opensea club


Event location: Opensea Club Viale Marino, 44

Event date: From 08/11/2019 to 08/11/2019

Event cost: Free

One Sunday to close the week to the sound of Pink Floyd. A Pink Floyd experience will be played on August 11th at the Opensea club, the new beach of Viale Marino, on the seafront of Isola delle Femmine.

The evening will begin at 8 pm with an aperitif by the sea served at the table, where it will be possible to enjoy the sunset with the island in the background. The cutting board includes: Cunzato bread, vegetable taboulè, aubergine and crouton caponata, vegetable brisè, salad with fruit, pork chops, breaded roast, sausage, homemade pasta with aubergine basil pesto and cherry tomato. The aperitif costs 15 euros, including alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage or beer.

At 10 pm the concert. The band, in line with the philosophy of the project, will create a show aimed at sharing and managing to enclose more reality within the sphere of Pink Floyd, combining show, history and cultural aspects. Free admission. The beach is open from 10 am for those who want to take advantage of the solarium or swim. To book, call 3807980615.

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