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Ismaele La Vardera leaves the hyenas and is a candidate in Sicily against the “Banda bassotti”

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“With my voice that trembles and my heart beats a thousand, after 8 years I leave Le Iene.
I’m going back to Sicily to change it with you.
In the next few days I will tell you the details of a new venture, perhaps the craziest of my life “.
Thus Ismaele La Vardera, envoy of the Hyenas, returns to politics and announces the end of the collaboration with Le Iene, the historic program of Italia Uno that deals with investigations and beyond.

Farewell to the hyenas after 8 years

Thus the hyena Ismaele La Vardera leaves the program after 8 long years of inquiries and reports almost all centered on her land, Sicily.
And she leaves the hyenas for, once again, to attempt a political career.
It is not the first time for the Palermo.
In 2017, supported by the Brothers of Italy and the Northern League, in fact, La Vardera was a candidate for mayor of Palermo with the support of the Northern League and the Brothers of Italy.

Sympathizers of De Luca at the window

For which office he wants to run and with the support of which party, it is still not clear but it should represent a center-right list.
What will be the political force that will support Ismaele La Vardera has not yet been disclosed but on social media something has begun to move after the announcement.
There are several activists and sympathizers of Sicilia Vera, the movement of Cateno De Luca, who have started sharing the video of the Palermo journalist saying goodbye to the hyenas.

“Let’s make Sicilian politics transparent”

Moving words in the video posted on social media.
“After the film I made, it allowed me to understand the dark wheels of politics”.
La Vardera also recalls the trial immediately after the League’s denunciation.
“My effort to make politics transparent.
Then I returned to the Hyenas denouncing abuses and abuses but I cannot forget the love for politics and I want to go back to putting my face to it.
I want to make my energies available for Sicily.
The dachshund gang of politics has plundered our beauties and stolen our dreams.
Today I return to Sicily to give a voice to those who do not believe in politics.
I want to go back to telling what happens in the rooms of power “