Isab-Lukoil crisis, mayor of Priolo The loss of 10,000 jobs would be a fatal blow

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“The table convened by Minister Giorgetti remains national and for this reason even the highest-level trade unions must mobilize.” The appeal is from the mayor of Priolo Pippo Gianni who is following the evolution of the Lukoil crisis with extreme concern.
In fact, the specter of an employment crash increasingly materializes which would cost Syracusan unprecedented levels, since the loss of about ten thousand jobs, including the related industries, would be a fatal blow not only for Lukoil, the largest and most capable refinery of Europe, but also due to the fragile employment structure of the eastern provinces of Sicily, where the majority of the workers come from.

The Isab-Lukoil company, owner of two refineries and a cogeneration plant in the Priolo petrochemical plant, gravitates to the Russian Lukoil group.
And for this reason it suffered the closure of credit lines from the banks, even though it was not the recipient of sanctions.
The sixth package of sanctions, adopted against Russia in June by the national government, will trigger the embargo on Russian oil imported by ship at the end of the year.

“This outcome – says Gianni – will lead to the blocking of production and the threatened closure by the Russian giant of the plant ex Isab “.
The imperative is therefore to avoid reaching the point of no return, which is why Gianni launches an invitation to national mobilization involving not only national trade unions but also the social partners more directly concerned, industrialists and producers.
If the crisis, says the mayor of Priolo, is not constantly transferred from the local to the national table, it will be difficult to find a solution.

“I invite everyone to general mobilization – comments the mayor of Priolo – this is where the national unions must arrive, to support the battle that has never been – nor could it be – only local.
A solution to the Isab-Lukoil crisis must be found immediately, due to the boomerang effect of sanctions on Russia.
The managers of the company had raised the alarm in unsuspecting times and, apart from some interventions, even well articulated by trade unions and deputies, the emergency remains and must alarm ”.


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