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“U Pizzetta.
He is from Bonagia ”, Alessio Puccio, a new justice collaborator, put in the minutes talking about drug trafficking.
And here a new face emerges, capable of working on its own, while crossing the men of the Cosa Nostra.

One of the many new faces that the investigators’ information sheets are full of.
There are hordes of picciotti hired to sell drugs.
They militarily control every square inch of the squares.

And then there are those who are on the higher steps, dealing with the procurement of drugs.

Emanuele, nicknamed “Pizzetta”, was discussing business with Giuseppe Incrontrera, the up-and-coming boss of Porta Nuova, riddled with Zisa-style shots.
He spoke of “20 thousand euros to 40”.
According to investigators, he was discussing cocaine.

Forty euros per gram.
Too many according to Incontrera who had communicated a lower price to his client.
At least it had to be the drug marked “Top”.
The quality would have justified the demand for money above the market average.

A lot of blood has dirtied the streets of Porta Nuova.
All for drugs, the leitmotif of some of the most brutal news episodes that have occurred in recent years in Palermo.

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2022-07-31 06:10:00

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