Is the Ati responding to the Region, risk of the commissioner removed?


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Commissioner of Agrigento, the Assembly responded to the Region by postponing or averting, at least, the possibility of the arrival of an inspector by the Regional Department of Water and Waste.

In fact, on November 10th, the thirty-day deadline imposed by Palermo would expire in order to have clarity on what was being done in terms of planning the future of the water service. On 10 October, in fact, the Region had written to the Ati with peremptory tones. Since "an essential condition for the assignment of transfers is that the integrated water service is fully operational and has been entrusted in compliance with EU and national legislation or that it is up and running as of January 1, 2021", and that therefore "all the preparatory acts to the assignment, with particular regard to the area plan, they must be adopted by and no later than that date ", the Region asked the Ati to define" any necessary and useful fulfillment, in compliance with current legislation, to proceed with the drafting-updating of the area plan, notifying the writer within 30 days ”.

An answer that has been formalized for several days, specifying how the assignment procedures have been started for the preparation of the area plan that will certainly be concluded by the date set.

However, the problems are not over. In recent days the Region and the Territorial Assembly has in fact written the Municipality of Licata, which disputes the resolution of the past few days with which the mayors (with the exception, among others, of the city of L'Aquila) have decided not to decide , transferring to the offices the burden of a choice that is theoretically entrusted precisely to the Ati as a political consultative body, contesting however among other things some regulatory criticalities.

So many topics on the table and at the moment no convocation of the assembly on the horizon to discuss the issues and above all to overcome the situations of "creeping" (and not even very) existing conflicts.

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