is a showdown between the patron of Akragas and the Municipality of Agrigento

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What for the president of Akragas Giuseppe Deni should have been a balance sheet at the end of the season, a few hours after the defeat of Martina who made the promotion to D fade, has turned first into an aut or and then into a real surrender of accounts with the Municipality of Agrigento for the now long-standing issue linked to the Esseneto stadium.
Concluded with the announcement of the release of the financing for the lighting system and the promise to update the parties as soon as possible.
In the middle also the repechage question for the D Series But let’s proceed in order.

At the press conference, Giuseppe Deni, after having made an overview of his management, returned to the issue of the stadium, complaining about the silence of the municipality also regarding the idea of ​​making Esseneto a venue for other types of events: “When I arrived I also said that It was necessary to plan a season not only in terms of football but also from an economic-corporate point of view – said Deni – I sent a message to the municipality in which I said that we wanted to manage or entrust the stadium, which are two different things because the procedures vary.
it would have allowed us to carry out an advertising campaign with sponsors and we were also available to intervene on the turf to make it a mixture of synthetic and natural, which would allow us to create a valid youth sector with a football school.
We were willing to make economic efforts to We also told the administration to give us dates for the summer to organize extrac events alcistics such as musical events and concerts, we were ready and organized so much that we had created a company called AkragasEventi in support of Akragas.
Two months ago I submitted a request to have two dates assigned to organize concerts and beyond some impromptu exchange of views with the competent administrator there was a stalemate “.

By virtue of this, the patron of Akragas announced his intention to resign in controversy with the municipal administration, however, leaving a crack, which is also linked to Serie D: “They did not give us the confidence to be able to speak with some scientists who I am in the administration – he said – that perhaps to take an initiative for which 3 days are enough he needs a legislature: since we do not have this time, let’s say that Deni resigns but that as a last act as president he will present the request for repechage in Series Q.
We have some cards to play for the fourth series and I will go through it: I do not hold back but I raise, asking the municipal administration to strike a shot if there is one.
The application must be submitted by July 26: I will be resigning until July 24, then my resignation will become irrevocable, or I will postpone my resignation to create an important Akragas that will play the role it deserves.

Subsequently, in the press room of the Esseneto, the Councilor for Sport of the Giunta Miccichè Costantino Ciulla presented himself, intervening on the question giving life to a question and answer with Deni.

The commissioner began as follows: “The president said something sacrosanct: – he said – before being a commissioner I am a freelancer and I work with companies, I know very well that the times of the entrepreneur do not marry those of the public administration , I myself find myself bumping into a bureaucratic machine dictated by cumbersome laws and impossible bureaucracy, for a thing that takes an hour it takes even more than seven days.
Times are biblical.
On the assignment and management of the stadium I must deny the president: it is not possible to entrust a plant in 7 days.
Esseneto is the most important and relevant plant in our city, it should also be so from an economic point of view.
For the management a public tender notice must be made.

Interrupted by Deni with the following clarification: (“But not the assignment, for the assignment it is not necessary if you want to inform yourself with your office”) Ciulla in turn clarified by explaining the situation: “For indirect management – said the ‘councilor – there is a resolution of the National Anti-Corruption Association which explicitly said that the calls for tenders for the concessions of plants of economic importance such as the Esseneto stadium must be followed with the European tender procedure.
We can set it up again next week but it happens well, and the president knows it, that the municipality of Agrigento is sometimes unable to guarantee essential services due to a lack of staff, to date we still have many positive people at Covid who do not come to work in the office, or professionalism within We lack the persons in charge: I am talking about the manager of the culture, sport, tourism and heritage sector who must be a lawyer, chief engineer, chief accountant of the municipality.
In a municipality where problems are atavistic, which we have been carrying around for years, you do not do it with a snap of your fingers, the genius arrives and fixes the stadium problem like others.
The times are what they are: on the Akragas request to do the summer events, I came the day before the departure with the Martina, we discussed informally on how to do these summer events, I gave an address to the managers but today this letter that was supposed to leave did not leave because there are the problems mentioned above and things that overlap.
The signing of deeds is a form of protection for the administration and managers.
The letter is in any case ready: a deliberative and council act must be made as required by the municipal regulation “.

Deni’s response at that point was piqued: “We took office on August 9, saying to find a synthesis – he retorted – between sports city, club and administration.
You all had the technical times because I said this a year ago: if a year is not enough for you to determine things that are not sensational, our times do not match those of politics and that we have to give up on the project.
At this point I do not freeze my resignation, I resign from now on.
If I have to wait a year to get answers is a problem, with all respect they are my friends, I respect the commissioner Ciulla and I love him but here the problem is between the entrepreneur and the administration: if the two parts do not come together because the times are different, the project has failed ” .

Ciulla then replied entering into the merits of the technical procedure for the disbursement of funds for the stadium lighting system: “The municipality of Agrigento is not in liquidation – answered Ciulla – an elected local administrator, councilor, mayor or councilor does not arrive for the sale.
I believe that the administrator must manage the assets well, he must try them all to make an income.
Having made these assessments, the need to outsource the service could be highlighted.
In March 2021 we received a request from the Recognition region of the needs of the sports facilities of the municipalities throughout the region.
Seeing the documents we discover we have projects that are absolutely obsolete and outside the standards for lighting, given that we need the LED systems, requested by the bodies in charge.
four feet in a shoe to immediately respond to the request of the Region with prevalence for the Esseneto ch and it is undoubtedly the most important.
We responded to the Region and continued to work because we carried out the project, always improvising ourselves as technicians because we could not disturb the technicians of our municipal office, rewriting the project, showing it to the technicians, had it authenticated, signed with the various vicissitudes that occurred.
We approved the plan with a council resolution, the papers are written, no president can tell this administration that we didn’t give a damn about the Akragas.
The problem is that these answers don’t come.
Until this morning I heard the regional offices, we stress the commissioner, the managers and those who work in there.
A signature is simply missing from what is the inter-ministerial committee for European programming.
When it is said that what we have sent is fine and we have produced the documentation to the region for the 1.750000 million loan to make the lighting system and part of the stadium, the work of the Esseneto will be financed.
When it arrives I don’t know but we cannot say that there is no will to meet society “.

Deni, after reiterating the structural and social importance of the work at Esseneto, pointed the finger at the slowness of operations: “The problem is not only football but social: when an administration does not have the sensitivity to understand these things, I say that it is an inattentive administration.
For ten months I have been saying to put ourselves in a position to have our work tool.
I talked about times, this year we spent almost 700,000 euros: there can be no presidents who can throw away every year.
lost fund this figure.
We also said that we didn’t want a cent from the municipal administration, we are not interested in money but the tools to achieve the objectives.
To date these tools, beyond the excellent relationships I have with administrators or councilors, not a step has been taken between August 9 and today.
I made interventions with the company’s money to redo the changing rooms and the turf.
we are in credit with the administration.
An administration that thinks like this cannot go far “

The commissioner at that point underlined the presence of technical times: “President, I remind you that we are administrators of public affairs – he underlined – the person Costantino Ciulla would give you the via Manzoni and the surroundings but we must respect the laws and regulations.
tell the Akragas keep the keys.
I would like this meeting, regardless of what has been said and thought, to correct the game on the fact that the administration or someone from the administration is distracted.
My councilors colleagues and the mayor we always talk about the Akragas situation.
One thing was missing, that is, the written documents.
The interlocutions started last year “.

After a clarification of the merits on the formalization of the requests by Deni, the municipal councilor Gerlando Piparo, present in the press room, took the floor: “I followed the story in first person – said Piparo – and as the commissioner said we are I spent a lot for Akragas, when it comes to indifferent administration the thing is close to me.
We spent it personally and physically: every evening we went out at 9 from the municipality to bring the result and the result is called enlightenment.
I inform you that 100% that we have managed to get the financing, we will make the lighting system.
To close the discussion I invite the president, because we are not a one-way administration but members, and as such we invite the president to come and visit us and define the situations and we will be with him “.

The conference ended with the invitation of the councilor Piparo to the president Deni to go to the Municipality in order to resolve a question that at this point from simply resolving, becomes in effect decisive for understanding the fate of the biancazzurro club.

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