is a neighbor from Catania

Editorial Staff 06 September 2021 14:22

Emanuele Impellizzeri, a 38-year-old native of Catania, was the man stopped last night by the traffic police on the A1 motorway near Florence because he was suspected of killing Chiara Ugolini, the 27-year-old found dead in an apartment in Calmasino di Bardolino (Verona ). The man, who was fleeing aboard his motorcycle, and then allegedly admitted his responsibilities to the policemen and carabinieri, will now have to be heard by the magistrate of the Verona Public Prosecutor who coordinates the investigation. According to what has been learned, the suspect had been subjected to the measure of house arrest, apparently for an episode linked to a fight. Still to be clarified the moment of the crime and why the young woman let the man who then attacked her entered the house. Investigators do not rule out any leads, from a sex crime to a dispute over condominium issues. The man lives on the ground floor of the same building where the victim lived on the second floor. The woman’s body would have been found by her partner, around 10 pm on 5 September. According to what we learned, the young woman worked in a business owned by the boy’s father and was home around 2 pm for the break: Chiara should have returned a few hours later, around 6 pm, but she would never have arrived at her workplace. . A behavior that alarmed her partner, who would have started calling her without getting an answer, thus deciding to take a trip home to understand what was happening. It was then that he found the body of his girlfriend lying on the ground in the apartment located on the third floor of the building: immediately the calls to 118 and the carabinieri started, but it was already too late. The unfortunate girl would have been spilled on the floor in a pool of blood, thus suggesting that a struggle took place in the house. Investigations An autopsy will establish the causes of death, but at a first examination no gunshot or stab wounds would have been found, as well as no signs of forced entry into the apartment. Despite this, the causes of death would be violent and the activity therefore took on the contours of a murder investigation. The carabinieri work on the affair, who have headed in force to the scene and maintain the utmost confidentiality.

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