Irregularity in the discotheque The "Officina" restaurant was seized

MESSINA – The police seized the "Officina" nightclub in Messina, in Via Croce Rossa and denounced the owner of the business, for the abusive opening of places for public entertainment or entertainment. The provision arose following the surveys carried out in relation to a series of episodes that occurred in October. In particular, in several circumstances, the Order's forces intervened during the dancing evenings ascertained that the Authority's prescriptions to protect public safety were not respected, creating a serious risk for the safety of the people present. In fact, although the license issued by the quaestor authorized the dancing and musical activities with the obligation not to allow a turnout in excess of 300 units, the holder had allowed access to the premises to a considerably higher number of patrons, about 1,500, to the what had been …

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