Investigation: Two gynecologists at Canicattì Hospital implicated in abortion at eight months of pregnancy.

The deputy prosecutor in Agrigento, Gloria Andreoli, has filed a complaint of involuntary manslaughter against two gynecologists from the Barone Lombardo Hospital in Canicattì. The investigation was opened after a man reported to the police that his 42-year-old pregnant partner had lost her baby in the eighth month of pregnancy. According to the report, the woman experienced pain and bleeding on the evening of August 17 and went to the hospital, where she was told that the baby was still alive but had not been feeding well. The hospital advised her to advance her appointment with her attending gynecologist, who was not present at the time but worked in the same department, in order to induce labor and provide feeding support. The couple tried to contact their trusted gynecologist but were unsuccessful. Only on August 19 were they able to schedule a visit for August 21, which was then postponed by two more days due to flooding in the doctor’s office. During this visit, the gynecologist informed them that the baby’s heart was no longer beating. The prosecutor’s office has ordered an autopsy and included the two doctors as formal suspects in order for them to participate in the autopsy, which has already been conducted, as part of the forensic investigation.

Canicattì, aborto all’ottavo mese di gravidanza: indagati due ginecologi dell’ospedale

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