Investigation of a damaged entrance gate in Agrigento after being struck with a metal bar.

An investigation is underway in Agrigento after the entrance gate of a sixty-year-old woman’s house was damaged. Last night, someone repeatedly and violently struck the gate with a metal rod from outside. The owner, who was inside the house at the time, reported the incident. The local police and the prosecutor’s office have started an investigation against unidentified perpetrators. The woman is being questioned to determine if she has previously received threats or warnings. The investigators are considering all possibilities, whether it was a premeditated act, perhaps to send a warning, or a random act of vandalism. The police are currently investigating the incident, which is not the first of its kind. They have searched the area for any relevant evidence and checked for surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident, as the footage could be crucial in understanding the situation.

Agrigento, il portone d’ingresso di un’abitazione danneggiato a colpi di spranga: indagini

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