Investigation into the distribution and motive behind video showing rape sequences in Palermo.

At least two videos that incriminate the gang in Palermo have been discovered. One of them is complete and not partial. Investigators have obtained images that show the entire sequence of the horrific events that took place on July 7th inside the abandoned sewer construction site at the Foro Italico. One particular video, taken from Angelo Flores’ cellphone, the oldest of them all at 22 years old, the cameraman of the group violence against the 19-year-old, has also been used by Riccardo Parrinello. He, who was a minor on July 7th and will be judged by juvenile justice, turned 18 at the end of last month. He returned to Malaspina on Thursday because, after being released from prison and assigned to a recovery community, he had not renounced his macho image, posting (illegally) videos and statements in which he expressed no remorse, unlike during the preliminary interrogation before the judge. The prosecutor’s consultant also documented that, immediately following the events of July 7th, Parrinello boasted about his “exploits” towards the girl. Not satisfied with the shocking statements exchanged with a friend, to whom he recounted in detail what he had done that night, the then minor is also present in a series of screenshots taken from the video that allegedly show him participating in the sexual assault. The images also show the time and duration of his abuse. The expert appointed by the two prosecutors, for juveniles and ordinary, who are handling the case, has therefore found the complete video of the rape and extracted “frames related to Parrinello’s specific violent actions”. Initially, viewing the videos (with final serial codes 614 and 453) made by Flores, who encouraged the others without being in the frame, allowed the identification of Elio Arnao, Christian Maronia, Samuele La Grassa, Gabriele Di Trapani, and Riccardo Parrinello “despite the fact that the videos – the prosecutor underlined – are partial and of short duration, and therefore do not represent the entire evolution of the sexual violence .” Moreover, it was Flores himself, in a WhatsApp chat with a friend that was recovered before his arrest, who admitted the existence of the violence videos and explained that he had shared them with other people: ” We met her at Vucciria with all my friends and it ended badly,” he told his interlocutor who, oblivious to the girl’s fate, was concerned about the rapists and gave advice: “This is the only thing that stumbled upon you raping her. In fact, be careful with these videos,” he said to Flores. “But in fact, now I’m deleting them all, I’m only sending them to those who I had to send them to and I’m deleting them, because I don’t want to know anything about this story,” the twenty-two-year-old replied, who in front of the judges, named his accomplices, admitting to having recorded everything but denying his participation in the rape. Investigators are ascertaining to whom Flores sent the images and how they were used, that is, they must understand if their dissemination was limited only to the 7 suspects or if someone then handed them over to third parties who in turn published them for pay on adult sites or through messaging platforms, where groups of tens of thousands of people have tried to find them. In the photo, the construction site where the group violence took place.

Palermo, in uno dei due video tutte le sequenze dello stupro: si indaga per scoprire a chi sono stati inviati e perché

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