Investigation into Sea Monster in Trapani: Former Mayor Fazio sentenced to 4 years and 6 months

Former deputy and former mayor of Trapani, Girolamo Fazio, has been sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison for corruption. He has also been banned from holding public office for 5 years and had around 200 thousand euros confiscated. Fazio was acquitted of other charges including illicit traffic of influences and violation of office secrets. The damages to the region were estimated at around 200 thousand euros, while the damages to the presidency of Sicily were estimated at 50 thousand euros. The court has also ordered the transmission of documents to the prosecutor for false testimony against Carlo Morace. The trial was a result of an investigation called “Mare Monstrum” or the “tangentopoli del mare”. Fazio was accused of corruption, illicit traffic of influences, and violation of office secrets. Prosecutors had requested a nine-year sentence, considering him the longa manus within the Transport Department of the Region and for his involvement with the Liberty Lines shipowners. Fazio was also accused of using his parliamentary position in favor of the Stefania Mode company. The charges against Fazio were first brought by the Prosecutors of Palermo and then by those of Trapani, based on investigations conducted by the Carabinieri of Trapani in 2017, which resulted in the arrest of Fazio and Morace Jr.

Inchiesta Mare monstrum a Trapani, l’ex sindaco Fazio condannato a 4 anni e 6 mesi

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