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“Every day wild boars roam the countryside destroying crops. Even in the city, people’s safety is at risk ”. The alarm is raised by Coldiretti Sicily which is ready to take to the streets in Palermo.

Alarm throughout the island

“After the Covid emergency – continues the note from Coldiretti – the alarm for the invasion of wild boars in Sicily has never been higher, where farmers are forced to watch shifts every day and many even choose not to sow more. Even trekking activities or simple excursions are severely limited due to the resulting danger “.

Exasperated farmers

“A situation that has now exceeded the warning limit with exasperated farmers who on Thursday 8 July 2021 in Palermo in Piazza Indipendenza and throughout Italy from 9.00 will mobilize to say enough to a situation that is getting worse and worse”.

The protest with the Mayors

In the Sicilian capital, together with the president of the regional Coldiretti, Francesco Ferreri, there will be mayors, regional deputies and other representatives of institutions from all over the island.

Wild boars at the sea

Only a few days ago the singular sighting about 5 miles off the coast off Marzanemi, in the province of Syracuse. A fisherman crossed his boat with a pair of wild boars swimming in the sea. A decidedly unusual encounter that the fisherman documented with a video that he then shared on social networks.

And also at the Palermo Cemetery

There is no shortage of sightings and reports in Palermo, where in recent days the passage of animals to the cemetery of the Rotoli has been immortalized by some citizens. Initially, a dozen specimens were identified that constantly moved in packs at night, in search of food, also attracted by the waste present in the streets of the city.

In November 2020 there was also the need to prepare a new plan for the capture of wild boars outside the area of ​​the Monte Pellegrino Reserve, and more precisely in the vicinity of the inhabited centers of Arenella, Vergine Maria and Addaura where show repeated sightings.

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