Invasion of midges, Laimo calls for interventions

The V Circumscription assaulted by millions of midges. This is what has been happening in recent days, in conjunction with the start of spring, especially in some areas of the territory of the V District, according to the councilor of the Fifth Quarter Franco Laimo, who wrote to the councilor for the Environment, Dafne Musolino and the Environment and Health Department of the Municipality of Messina, requesting a rapid disinfestation intervention throughout the territory, useful not only for the midges but also for the various species of insects that begin to proliferate with the approach of the hot season.
“For example, a city school – reports Laimo – was attacked by these green flies, which although harmless to humans, are annoying: moreover, by keeping the windows of the classrooms open, both by means of the new anti- Covid, which due to the natural rise in temperatures, thousands and thousands of insects have entered the classrooms, creating many inconveniences.
Certainly, with the start of spring, Nature takes its course, but perhaps in some cases we should help with the intervention of man ”.

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