Injured tourist rescued by the Trapani Air Force

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This afternoon an HH139B helicopter from the 82nd CSAR Center of Trapani took off to retrieve a seriously injured cyclist in Gratteri, in the province of Palermo.

The man, a 54-year-old of German nationality, called 118 after a bad fall that left him immobilized with a fractured pelvis.
The rescue chain was immediately activated, alerting the CNSAS which, given the inaccessible area, asked for the help of the Air Force.

The HH139B helicopter in SAR (Search and Rescue – search and rescue) readiness service took off shortly after 1730 from the Trapani base, receiving the immediate take-off order from the operations room of the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) of the Aerospace Operations Command of Poggio Renatico (FE).

The crew landed at Palermo’s Boccadifalco airport to embark 2 units of CNSAS personnel at 18:00.
Arriving at the scene of the accident at 1815, the CNSAS staff team and the air rescuer of the Air Force crew lifted the injured person by means of a winch stretcher, after making him safe.

The man was then transported to the Civic hospital of Palermo, where he arrived around 1900 and was entrusted to the care of medical staff.
The helicopter, after returning the CNSAS team to the base, resumed its alarm service at the military airport of Trapani.

The 82nd Combat Search and Rescue Center is one of the Departments of the 15th Wing of the Italian Air Force which guarantees, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without interruption, the search and rescue of flight crews in difficulties, contributing, moreover, to activities of public utility such as the search for missing persons at sea or in the mountains, the emergency medical transport of patients in imminent danger of life and the rescue of seriously traumatized patients, also operating in extreme weather conditions.
From its constitution to today, the crews of the 15 ° Stormo have saved more than 7,500 people in danger of life.
Since 2018, the Department has acquired the AIB (Forest Fire Protection) capacity, contributing to the prevention and fight against fires in Sicily.

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