Infinite construction sites on A-19 highway, Salvini: “The commissioner is there, now let’s get moving”. Schifani: “But my hands are tied”.

Vice Premier Matteo Salvini expressed his frustration with the condition of the Palermo-Catania highway, stating that he had numerous meetings with Governor Schifani and Anas to discuss improvements. He mentioned that Governor Schifani’s appointment as commissioner, with the support of Anas, is in progress and he expects that they will finally take action to improve the highway. However, Governor Schifani clarified that the appointment is not yet operational and is currently waiting for a step to be completed at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. He expressed his gratitude to Minister Salvini, but also voiced his concern about the delay in implementing the appointment. Governor Schifani warned that if there are further delays, he may withdraw from the role.

I cantieri infiniti sull’A-19, Salvini: «C’è il commissario, ora si corra». Schifani: «Ma io ho le mani legate »

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