Infiltrations of rainwater in the hospital, an operating theater closed


Closed operating room. First – immediately after the two days of storms that also hit the city of the Temples – there were two operating rooms closed. Today, only one is left instead: that of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Water infiltration caused the interdiction of the operating unit of the “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital unit.

In one case, for an operating theater in fact, it was immediately possible to cope and to make the surgical area fully operational again. For the other operating theater, the jobs are instead – according to the well informed – in progress. No blackout though – it is always guaranteed along the corridors of the hospital – in surgical services. And this because on a total of 5 operating theaters, of which the "Saint John of God" is equipped, four are perfectly in operation.

Due to successive storms, rainwater has managed – very often through the frames – to enter the structure: between the corridors in a particular way. But no flooding, but situations – determined by the exceptional wave of bad weather – that have, in most cases, been resolved.

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