Indemnity for the administrators of Palermo, the “increases with the 2023 budget”

The setback on the increase in compensation for directors is temporary. The controversy that inflamed the session at the end of the year for the approval of the estimated budget still seems destined to be stifled.

After all, all the 40 tenants of Sala delle Lapidi want to introduce with a resolution what has been the rule for a couple of years in other parts of Italy. And that is to increase the attendance fees for board meetings and commissions, as well as the salaries of all directors, with the mayor in the lead. A gradual adjustment was expected, 68% in 2023 and 100% the following year: the mayor would reach around 14,000 gross euros which, after taxes, would become around 8,000, for the councilors 40% of the mayor’s allowance which for directors drops to 30%. The amendment to the budget was ready, it seems, with everyone’s agreement. But then the opposition declared their opposition, forcing the presenter, Giuseppe Milazzo, president of the Budget Commission, to withdraw the amendment.

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