Increasingly older and deserted offices: risky services for citizens


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The sense is always the same, even if the words change (slightly): the municipal offices in Agrigento are now one step away from collapse due to lack of human resources and the progressive aging of those who may have remained in service .

Everything is set out in black and white in the report on the state of implementation of the program, which was attached to the final balance sheet for 2018, recently debated by the City Council.

If we look, for example, at the productive activities sector, the manager, in listing the results obtained, highlights the "significant under-sizing of the workforce", then defined "numerically inadequate". Line followed for example by the public green sector: "the service is constantly operational despite the small number of staff and the precarious health situation of the workers themselves". It is impossible, they say, to plan long-term strategies due to "structural deficiencies that were and still are present and repeatedly reported by the offices to the active administration". Of course, the staff also for the economy sector, and for urban planning, which shows that the activity carried out was affected by the inevitable "structural deficiencies" always and in any case reported to the administration.

The situation in the road sector is particularly relevant: "The choices made for the conduct of road maintenance – they say – are dictated by the insufficiency of the sums that the administration annually devotes to the purpose". In fact, 4 million euros were requested in 2018: just over 530 thousand were granted. The Municipal Police are also in a deep crisis: the staff is little and what has remained more and more cannot be used for external services due to poor health conditions. Many, however, high penalties.

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