Increasing waste from luxury yachts and superyachts in Lipari, but uncertainty about the Tari.

The municipality of Lipari is facing numerous tax appeals from concession holders of demised areas who argue that the municipal authority lacks the power to collect waste disposal fees (TARI), which is the exclusive jurisdiction of the maritime office. Despite this, the municipality has always provided the necessary service in compliance with regulations and orders. The first instance tax court in Messina has repeatedly ruled in favor of the concession holders, but these decisions have been appealed by the municipality. However, recent rulings from the same tax court in Messina and the Supreme Court of Cassation have sided with the municipality, recognizing its authority to collect waste in the port area on behalf of the maritime authority. The final decision rests with the tax judges to determine which entity has the right to demand payment for the service. Meanwhile, throughout the summer season, there has been illegal dumping of garbage in the ports of Panarea, Stromboli, Vulcano, and Gelso in Lipari and Canneto. The waste, often not properly separated, includes giant black bags that are sometimes brought by the tender boats of mega yachts and are occasionally collected by a private company, at the municipality’s expense, to be transported to a landfill in Catania. The mayor, Riccardo Gullo, admits that during the summer period, recycling rates reach historic lows, while in winter they are above 50%. The municipality spends approximately 6 million euros annually on waste management.

Lipari, aumentano i rifiuti in arrivo da panfili e yacht ma sulla Tari resta l’incognita

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