Increasing aid for businesses and workers in Sicily boosts artisanship

The Ebas, the Sicilian Crafts Bilateral Institution, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and highlighting its success during the pandemic by providing support to businesses and workers in the craft sector. It has been a stronghold against unemployment, providing 100 million euros for furlough schemes. The institution aims to further support businesses and workers by offering welfare benefits such as childbirth and early childhood support, assistance for people with disabilities, and individual training for women and individuals seeking employment. Their goal is to develop the Sicilian economy through technological innovation and digitalization, making Italian craftsmanship more attractive to young people and women. However, there is still a need for more education about bilateralism and the full implementation of collective bargaining agreements in the region. The Ebas president, Florinda Scala, emphasizes the importance of achieving growth targets and increasing the number of registered businesses in Sicily’s non-building craft sector.

Artigianato, in Sicilia crescono gli aiuti a imprese e lavoratori

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