Increased security controls in Trapani for Easter after Moscow attack. Prefecture raises alert level.

The Birgi airport, as well as the ports, the train station, and the public transportation networks in the province of Trapani are under control in preparation for the Easter holidays. A measure taken by the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Security, chaired by Prefect Daniela Lupo, which met recently to define the plan for controls during the holiday. The devices put in place will aim to increase attention on all sensitive targets, especially in light of the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, and in anticipation of the expected increase in tourist movement in the capital and other areas.

Special attention will be given to areas with high concentrations of people, venues with public events, and shopping centers, where surveillance will be strengthened to combat illegal activities. Furthermore, vigilance measures will be heightened at various places of worship where a significant turnout of faithful is expected, especially during the traditional religious ceremonies.

The Trapanese Holy Week, and in particular the procession of the Mysteries on Good Friday, is one of the most important events of its kind in Italy. After the procession of the Mother Pity of the Massari yesterday, today will see the procession of the Mother Pity of the People, traditionally held on Holy Wednesday. The focal point is the Church of Purgatory, where the Sacred Groups of Mysteries and the Icon of the Mother Pity of the Massari are kept all year round.

Tomorrow is scheduled for the preparation of the Sacred Groups of Mysteries: silverware, lighting, and flowers; on Friday, there will be the descent of the Cross (Church of S. Maria del Gesù); on Saturday, the return of the Procession of the Mysteries; and on Sunday, the procession of the Risen Christ. These moments will receive particular attention from law enforcement.

On days with high traffic, controls will be reinforced on main roads and connections to tourist and religious sites. The prefecture has advised against concentrating travel on Friday, March 29, Monday, April 1, and Tuesday, April 2, as they are considered high-risk traffic days, and to observe correct behavior to protect one’s safety, the safety of others, and the environment.

Controlli per Pasqua a Trapani, dopo l’attentato di Mosca la prefettura alza il livello di attenzione

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