Inclusion in Palermo, a day of games and entertainment for the children of the third district

Inclusion, comparison and fun. These were the objectives of the event organized by the 1st Commission for Social Activities of the III district of Palermo, at theSt. Joseph Daughters of the Cross Institute ongoing Tukory.

The day was dedicated to the many children of the communities of different villageswithout any distinction. Each with their own experience and uniqueness, participated in the games and organized activities.

“After these years of restrictions due to the pandemic, we have started laughing carefree again – explains Giuseppe Marcianò, councilor and president of the Social Activities Commission of the third district – This is just one of the activities we have in mind to propose. I think that an inclusive society does not separates but values ​​diversity, promoting collaboration, empathy and self-esteem, welcoming children in such a way that they are an integral part of a social context without any discrimination. I thank the president of the district, Gioacchino Vitale, for approving this event and Viviana Vacca and Giuseppe Glorioso for their precious collaboration”.

To have fun with everyone, even the guys from the Il Sottomarino association. The children took part in sports activities and play-recreational workshops. The performance of the Magician Molla amused and surprised them. Everyone has done their part, putting their time and work at the service of others. Volunteers from the associations accompanied the children and the Grazia Camillo oil mill supplied its products. After all, the purpose of the day was the same for everyone, that of entertaining children who, most of all, need to have fun and create social relationships in healthy and adequate educational contexts.

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