Incidents, Vandals, and Social Controversies: Palermo’s Castle by the Sea Becomes a Case

After just three days since its inauguration, Palermo’s Marina Yachting has already faced multiple issues. Social media controversies erupted over the difficult and barrier-less path, with users damaging a wall in an attempt to avoid turning back. An elderly woman even fell due to the lack of lighting, and the 18th-century walls were vandalized with the inscription “M+L, sott’e stelle”. As more people visit the area, the risks increase. The Port Authority has reported the graffiti to the Superintendency, and the perpetrator has been identified and will be reported to the police. Despite being valued, Marina Yachting has also suffered from vandalism. The most discussed issues are the cigarette butts left there, the lack of safety barriers, and the need to backtrack after walking. An elderly woman even fell due to the poor lighting. Overall, the situation highlights the need for improvement and maintenance in the area.

Incidenti, vandali in azione e polemiche social: il Castello a mare a Palermo diventa un caso

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