Incendi Nightmare in Ragusa: Flames Rage for Over Ten Hours in Scassale District

A massive fire broke out in Ragusa, Italy, and lasted for over ten hours. The fire started in Scassale and quickly spread to Prato due to strong winds and difficult terrain. The flames were pushed towards Ragusa Ibla and Cilone, making the fire uncontrollable. Firefighters, forest rangers, aircraft, and the civil protection agency were involved in extinguishing the fire. Farms and houses in the area were evacuated as a precaution. The fire changed direction multiple times, continuing to spread throughout the afternoon and night. Although it has been contained, the air in the city is still unbreathable and ash covers everything. The intervention is ongoing to extinguish remaining active fires, followed by a cleanup operation.

Incendi, notte da incubo a Ragusa: fiamme per oltre dieci ore in contrada Scassale

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