Incastrati, great success on Netflix, Ficarra and Picone “There will be a sequel”

The Palermo comic duo announces the sequel

The great success of “ Incastrati ” continues, the new TV series by Ficarra and Picone , airing from January 1 2022 on Netflix. It has been in the Top Ten of the most viewed in Italy for two weeks, but will soon be “exported” to the rest of the world. In fact, from 27 January Incastrati will be distributed in the 190 Countries where the platform is active Netflix .

There will be the sequel

Today’s edition of the “Giornale di Sicilia” reports an interview with Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone. The two Palermo comedians announce: «We are curious to see ourselves translated. We joke, but this sudden wave of affection and all at once, has really made us happy ». And there will be the sequel »…« If Ficarra hasn’t already spoiled it to relatives and friends », Valentino says to the microphones of Rgs.

The interview on the radio

The interview with the two comedians is scheduled today and will be broadcast on the radio at 12, 10: a load of joy, with their usual roundup of jokes, between Ficarra lover of television series and Picone who tries to mislead. «But it’s not different in reality – Picone points out -. If we are talking about a series, Salvo tells it to me first and if I have seen it, he tells it again to underline the details that according to him I have missed… ». Ficarra’s answer is ready: “Valentino needs someone to explain things to him.”


The sequel will therefore be there. The six episodes of Incastrati left him foreshadowing. But in the meantime Ficarra and Picone are enjoying the success knowing that their lines in Sicilian will soon be dubbed into Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Greek, English, French and German. It is already smiling to think of the Sicilian cast (Gino Carista, Sergio Friscia, Leo Gullotta, Tony Sperandeo, etc …) becoming multilingual, especially for the scenes in dialect.

Up Tony Sperandeo, Ficarra and Picone joke: «He is our De Niro; in the film he is a mafioso but with comic implications, every lie he tells causes him uncontrollable stammering. All of Italy knows Sperandeo for his roles in mafia films, but we remember him in his comic beginnings, and he was very good: here Tony puts his two souls together, with extraordinary comic effects “.



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