In via Curia, a dilapidated and dangerous building, Anastasi: “We need to secure”

A mega property that was never finished and abandoned to its fate that could pose a serious danger to the residents of the area. We are in via Curia, at the corner with via Cronato, and the skeleton of the structure has now become a danger so the councilor of Grande Catania Sebastiano Anastasi has raised. first in the Town Planning Commission and then with a written request, the question asking the administration to intervene.

“This is a dilapidated building, in a state of neglect with an evident loss of rubble – says the councilor – and, moreover, with the danger of further collapses that jeopardize public safety. Considering that the area is densely populated , and by now all the residents of the area have been reporting the high risk to public safety for some time, I asked for the safety measures to be implemented quickly “. But there is more. Anastasi also asked to evaluate the possibility of being able to draw up a project that provides for the acquisition of the property from the patrimony of the Municipality of Catania so that on this area, freed from the dilapidated building, a green area can be created.

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