In Trapani free ultrasounds and x-rays at home for Samot Ragusa Onlus patients

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Free ultrasounds and x-rays at home for Samot Ragusa Onlus patients. The charity initiative that the Medora Clinic of Trapani has addressed to Samot Ragusa Onlus, an association engaged in palliative care and operating in the territories of Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani, has ended. Last Christmas three professionals, Dr. Marco Politi, Dr. Marcello Campione and dr. Andrea Anastasi, have decided to donate some x-rays and ultrasounds at home to the Samot patients. An unexpected Christmas gift for the association of palliative care and especially for its patients, even more welcome in this period of pandemic: the patients were in fact able to undergo the diagnostic examination at home, with all the physical and psychological comforts that this involves and avoiding risky exposure to contagion. Four interventions carried out between Trapani city and neighboring areas. ?? We want to thank the Medora Clinic ?? comments Daniela Di Noto, president of Samot Ragusa Onlus ?? for this initiative which allowed our clients to undergo a diagnostic examination while remaining in their own homes, enjoying that sense of protection that their family environment offers. Keeping the client in their daily environment and thus avoiding the suffering and the sense of detachment and abandonment typical of a hospital stay, even if for a short time as in the case of a diagnostic exam, is in fact a central aspect of the approach. palliative that in the accompaniment path supports the patients and their families from a physical, psychological and spiritual point of view ??.

Quality of life of the patient therefore even in the case of a simple ultrasound or radiography: ?? We wanted to make a donation in memory of a person dear to us ?? explains Dr. Marco Politi, owner of the Medora Clinic ?? the choice fell on Samot Ragusa Onlus. We have decided to make our expertise and professionalism available to help those who are most in need at this time. The home radiodiagnostic service is still little known, in reality it is of great use and comfort especially in those situations in which the patient has particular discomfort to move, as in the case of Samot Ragusa Onlus patients that we have treated in recent months ??.

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