In the wake of the perfume of Zagara, the travel video arrives among the citrus fruits of Sicily

Travel to the intriguing rhythm of the Sicilian funky, chasing the intoxicating trail of the flower of orange blossom and, along a colorful itinerary among citrus groves Dop is Igp of five Sicilian provinces, he explores at walking pace – and from a bird’s eye view – the incredible variety of landscapes, monuments, squares, markets, traditions and faces: the elderly man indicating the route (quote from the famous photograph by Robert Capa) and the girl who invites you to travel by whispering her name, Zagara, a word with Arabic sounds and fascinations (from zahra, flower).

It is entitled “Scent of Zagara”- (tr. Perfume of orange blossom) and it’s the new one travel video from the Citrus district of Sicily with the original music of Jacaranda, a young band from Catania who has dedicated an unreleased song to it, with a Mediterranean and very catchy sound.

From Etna to the Conca d’oro, the video is a tribute to the generous nature, history and cultural heritage of the island of the sun but not only. In view of the hoped-for resumption of tourism after the pandemic, it is an invitation to plan the next trip to Sicily in any season, choosing from Le Vie della Zagara, seven itineraries in the vocation areas of its citrus excellences developed with the Gusto di Countryside: IGP Blood Orange of Sicily, Interdonato Lemon of Messina, Lemon of Syracuse and Lemon of Etna; the PDO Orange of Ribera and finally the Slow Food Presidium of the Mandarin of Ciaculli and the organic way, a cultivation method that unites all citrus fruits with the “quality seal”.

Produced by the Citrus District of Sicily, the travel video is a spin-off of Social Farming – a social inclusion project dedicated to weak people on the labor market – and was created in collaboration with the Arces high school and the non-conditional contribution. by The Coca-Cola Foundation.

Federica Argentati, president of the Citrus Production District of Sicily: “This video, which I wanted with determination, is a gift to the citrus production chain and in particular to those who have already learned to combine the verbs of agriculture with those of tourism: the most powerful attractors economic conditions of the island through which, in our opinion and beyond, the recovery and post-covid future of Sicily passes. We dedicate this effective promotional tool to these multifunctional citrus farms, often reinvigorated by the presence of young people who complement their production with educational farm activities and hospitality in the perspective of slow tourism and attentive to the traveler. “Scent of Zagara” is also available to institutions and those who work to make known, through the seven itineraries of Sicilian PDO, PGI and BIO citrus fruits, the immense offer of experiences that, between nature, culture and good food, reveals a journey to our land “.

Giuseppe Rallo, Director of the Arces High School speaks of “a return to the real economy, the territory and its authentic resources”, explaining how “the video ‘Scent of Zagara’ fits best into the theme of our Motris project , that is the mapping of the offer of integrated relational tourism in Sicily. A project based on three principles: the re-territorialization of the economy (i.e. the return to the real economy), the recomposition of cultural identity and the recontextualization of society as opposed to the global one, bringing back man and relationships personal interests at the center of interests, avoiding being overwhelmed by transnational economic processes “.

“An irresistible Sicily that represented in the video“ Scent of Zagara ”, comments Cristina Camilli, Head of Institutional Relations of Coca-Cola Italy. He adds: “We are really happy to have been able to support its creation and to have contributed, through The Coca-Cola Foundation, to the Social Farming project: various initiatives aimed at enhancing the truly unique community and identity of the Sicilian citrus production chain, from which we stock up on the citrus juice of our Fanta ”.

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