in the Italian Cup passes the Oratorio San Ciro e Giorgio

The race in the Italian Cup of Don Carlo Misilmeri stops in the first round. The 3-2 victory in the return match against the Oratorio San Ciro and Giorgio is not enough to be able to pass the round, thanks to the 5-0 defeat suffered seven days ago in Marineo. The reaction of Corrado Mutolo’s men came during a match full of emotions: five goals, four sent off (two on each side) and five red cards.

The game starts well for Misilmeri who creates several scoring chances, but fails to beat Ceesay. The first turning point is in the 37th minute, when D’Angelo knocks D’Agostino out in the area: it’s a penalty kick. Montalbano makes no mistake from the spot. Shortly thereafter, the Marineo remains in 10 men for the red direct against Procida. However, before the break comes the doubling with D’Agostino, former on duty. At the beginning of the second half there is a new turning point in the match: Maggio, already booked, extends Messina. Second yellow and expulsion. The Misilmeri thus exploits the numerical superiority to overturn the result: first the equal of Messina, who exploits an indecision of Ceesay, then the draw of Stassi and, finally, the 3-2 of Di Giuseppe. A reaction that is not enough to be able to pass the round, with the assaults that in the final phase of the game (when first Messina and then D’Angelo are expelled) do not have the desired effect.

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