In the island there is red fear – lasiciliaweb

The infections from Covid are spreading on all fronts and in Sicily there is always uncertainty and doubts about the veracity of the numbers. For the fifth consecutive week, according to data provided by the Sicilian Region, the data of the health emergency linked to Covid are worsening.

The Region is third in the number of daily infections and the total number of victims has risen to 5,058. The greatest number of new infections is recorded in the province of Palermo, almost half of the whole island. And yesterday 3 other red zones arrived: Niscemi, Ramacca and Zafferana Etnea which bring the total of Sicilian off-limit municipalities up to 113.

The president of the Region Nello Musumeci in the press conference on Saturday had already put his hands forward registering an increase especially in hospitals evokes a “red zone” for the whole island. The “red zone” in Palermo and throughout the province is a sign of concern and the need to bring down the contagion curve.

In Sicily last Friday the RT had reached a very high value (1.22), touching 1.25 which automatically triggers the red zone. Today Mayor Orlando relaunches and feeds new controversies. “I received a note from the ASP yesterday – he says – the health company, he asks me if I am aware of deaths in the municipalities due to Covid and to communicate it, and in particular I should specify the people who died at home. All this confirms that we are sailing on sight ”. And again: “For months I have been saying that the data that is communicated are not certain and I have been asking for clarity for some time”. “What happened with the 258 dead ‘forgotten’ and communicated in a single day is emblematic,” adds the president of Anci Sicilia.

“Rome needs to send a commissioner to Sicily, not to put the entire health system under control, but to verify how data on Covid is collected, there is a situation of chaos” explains Orlando.

The closures of the last weekend could have positively influenced the reduction of the transmissibility index. On Friday, the Ministry of Health will again review the colors of the regions and if the red could be a step away, the orange area seems to have already been confirmed, a situation in contrast with the other Italian regions that are already hypothesizing reopening.

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