In the barracks for the obligation to sign without a license and helmet the scooter is seized

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CATANIA – THE carabinieri of Catania Nesima Station they have a 24 year old from Catania denounced as a serious suspect of driving without a licensebecause never achieved.

In the afternoon, the young man, subjected toobligation to sign at the judicial policehe regularly showed up to sign at the Carabinieri station of Nesima aboard a Honda 125.

Unfortunately for him, the military certainly did not go unnoticed by the fact that the young man had arrived right in front of the barracks, aboard the scooter and without protective helmetthen immediately proceeded to raise the relative administrative sanction.

The “ordeal” was not over because, come on verifications carried out on the regularity of circulation documentsit was also found that lo scooter did not have the insurance coverage mandatory and also that the 24 years old it turned out to be devoid of the expected license driving..

The latest violation, already detected for the first time in the last two years, triggered the referral to the judicial authority and the sanction administrative amount of 1,732 euros with the consequent seizure of the motor vehicle.

News from Sicily
2022-08-06 10:13:00

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