In Sicily, music gives the numbers Taormina, Catania and Zafferana international poles

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For the Italian and international live music sector, Sicily has unanimously become a reference point, with a growing trend of the live entertainment audience, tourists and non-tourists who choose Taormina, Syracuse, Catania, Zafferana and other prestigious venues for live a real experience.
This is confirmed by the trend of sales from abroad and from the rest of Italy, with the consequent economic impact on the whole Sicilian territory.

TAORMINA – In just 3 shows made in July at Ancient theater over 13 thousand admissions were recorded, with 30% of sales abroad (flows recorded in particular from Europe and North America) brought by event concerts such as SIMPLE MINDS, THE SMILE AND PAOLO NUTINI.
The rest of the paying public comes from the main cities of Italy (73% cross the boot, tracing the big cities such as Milan, Turin, Bologna, Bari, Reggio Calabria) with an incoming on the island that records an increase in the calculated induced 5 times higher than the amount generated by ticket sales.
Attendance that translates into numbers and percentages, also in terms of receipts for the city of Taormina and the Region of Sicily through the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park.

SYRACUSE – Syracuse is no exception: the musical tourist (Italian and foreign) is high-end, interested in a quality use of the places and the territory and who also travels out of season.
He invests in quality experiences, frequents restaurants and shops, thus moving the local economy and producing an important economic induced.
The most recent example is that of the two concerts by CLAUDIO BAGLIONI, held on July 15 and 16 at the Greek Theater.
In these two days, as in those immediately preceding and following, there was no hotel or other free accommodation facility in the city and in the neighboring areas, the same thing for reservations in the restaurant business.
This too translates into numbers and earnings for Syracuse and for the Neapolis Archaeological Park in whose coffers around 25 thousand will be collected in just two days of show.

“Our suggestion – comments Nuccio La Ferlita, promoter and director of Puntoeacapo – is that part of these entrances be used for the restoration and conservation of these wonderful places.
The show that contributes to conservation and protection “

It’s still CATANIA: the season of concerts at the Bellini Garden, promoted by the Municipality of Catania for the Catania Summer Fest, brought the live musical show back to the heart of the city.
So not only concert coffee, pubs, museum visits, aperitifs and pleasant walks in the center but also the unique experience of a concert: according to ranking drawn up by eDreams Catania will be the most visited city during the month of August 2022also the live entertainment sector has given its contribution, given that for the two concerts of BLANCO (almost 20 thousand visitors) 70% of sales are from outside Catania and the rest of Italy (only from Sicily did they come from all the provinces of Sicily).
The shows are also encouraging LITFIBA (which reached 6 thousand presences), CAPAREZZA (with 7500 presence), FABRI FIBER with 5 thousand visitors, to mention the most recent, always at the Villa Bellini in Catania.
All this took place without criticality, with a view to collaboration for common protection and for the purposes of the ordinary performance of the shows: in such a difficult moment for the city of Catania, a special thanks goes to the Municipality of Catania and all its staff.
, the Maintenance Office, the maintenance offices of the public green of the Bellini Garden, the technical and bureaucratic offices, the Municipal Police Corps, who have done an important job and worked hard contributing to the success of the shows.

Not least SAFFRON: there is a growing trend of tourists from live entertainment who choose Zafferana and the Falcone Borsellino Amphitheater for the artistic proposal.
The programming has never stopped, not even in the two years of the Covid emergency, demonstrating the constant quality of the reference of the location and of the whole district.
“Thousands of people – many of these tourists – recognize in Zafferana the special opportunity to live a unique experience of its kind: find yourself on the slopes of the suggestive Etna volcano – one of the most evocative places in the world – and attend the great live music ”Concludes La Ferlita.


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