In Sicily another 58 Covid positive (none in the province), the rate drops to 0.7%

Not even eight thousand swabs processed and 58 new Covid positives ascertained in the last 24 hours. Here is the picture that emerges from the report of the Ministry of Health, which monitors the progress of the pandemic. The tests analyzed were 7,803 with a positive rate that went from 1.6% yesterday to 0.7%

There are 140 hospitalized with Covid symptoms (three fewer than yesterday) and in intensive care there are 17 occupied beds with two new entrances (yesterday they were 15). The total number of hospitalized people is 157 (yesterday 158). There are 3,421 people in home isolation. Adding all the data, the number of current positives is 3,578. Fortunately, there are no new victims and the total stands at 5,981. The 43 newly healed bring the total to 222,683.

The subdivision of the new cases by province: Caltanissetta 22, Catania 13, Ragusa 11, Trapani 4, Messina 3, Palermo 3, Syracuse 2. No new contagion in Agrigento and Enna.


A total of 2,723 doses were administered over the weekend by the ASP as part of the project on proximity vaccinations in the Municipalities of Castellana Sicula, Polizzi Generosa, Gangi and Monreale. The program was particularly intense, organized in collaboration with the municipal administration, in Monreale where, inside the church of San Gaetano, doctors, nurses and administrative staff worked for 3 days, administering 580 doses of anticovid vaccine respectively on Friday, 718 Saturday and 709 yesterday, while 302 vaccinations were carried out on Saturday in Castellana Sicula (also for the citizens of Polizzi Generosa) and 414 yesterday in Gangi.

The program, which so far has allowed the Palermo ASP to reach 56 municipalities in the province, continues today (Monday 5 July) in Gratteri and Castronovo di Sicilia, tomorrow (Tuesday 6) and Wednesday 7 July in Piana degli Albanesi, Thursday 8 in Montemaggiore Belsito and Friday 9 in Borgetto. Proximity vaccination was made possible in the province of Palermo thanks to the synergy with general practitioners and continuity of care, and doctors and nurses from the Defense mobile vaccination units operating within the Eos operation, strongly supported by the Minister of Defense. and conducted under the aegis of the joint top operational command.

To meet citizens in tourist-seaside resorts, the ASP will also reach citizens on the beaches of the province with its mobile team. The first stage is scheduled for Thursday 8 July. On board a camper and inside 3 gazebos, the operators of the health authority of the capital will be from 10 to 17 in the area in front of the Magaggiari beach in Cinisi, while from 18 to 24 in Piazza Falcone e Borsellino in Terrasini. The initiative, carried out in collaboration with local municipal administrations, is aimed at all citizens over the age of 12. The serum administered will be Pfizer. Next weekend (Friday 8 and Saturday 9 July) another anticovid vaccination session is also scheduled in Lampedusa, where over 4,000 people have so far received the double dose of serum. The administration will take place in the premises of the Grecale district clinic.

Coronavirus, the bulletin from Italy

There are 480 new cases of Covid 19 registered on the Italian territory in the last 24 hours, while the deaths were 31. 74,649 swabs were carried out, for a positivity index that stands at 0.64%. 191 patients are currently hospitalized in intensive care (-6 since yesterday). And 1,582 have recovered since yesterday, for a total of 4,092,586 since the beginning of the pandemic. Zero infections since yesterday in the province of Trento, in Molise and in Val d’Aosta.